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Team Building

Are you looking for a new Team Building Challenge? Would you like to do something different with your Team this time? The Defensive Edge can offer you a new and unique Team Building event. The most important thing is that this course is FUN!

A Defensive Edge Team Building course will include improved team-building, bonding and communication skills. When training with a colleague a great deal of trust is required, and the normal barriers of a work environment are broken down. Through training with each and every member of the group, you will see a completely different side to your colleagues. The subject matter of The Defensive Edge course is of course very serious, but it is executed in a way that makes dealing with these issues lot's of fun for all of the students.

The Defensive Edge team have found that a great deal of camaraderie develops through training, and a certain spirit of the class uniting against a common aggressor is very evident by the end of a session. You won't believe what you can achieve in a very short space of time!

The Defensive Edge can offer Team Building courses ranging from little more than an hour right up to half day and full day courses. Why not give us a try?

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