Practical And Effective Self Defence Courses For All  
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Self Defence Courses

The Defensive Edge has the ideal solution for busy professionals, which is to bring their training courses to the workplace therefore ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our simple but effective self-defence training. The main aim of the training is to prevent an attack. The techniques taught in the course are largely based on Ju Jitsu, but many other martial arts are also incorporated.

Ju Jitsu skills are practiced worldwide by the caring professions, the police and military as well as private individuals.

Basic Principles of Ju Jitsu

Ju Jitsu is a complete and highly effective self-defence system. Its origins are traced back to Japan's Samurai warriors who used Ju Jitsu techniques in battle if they lost their sword or the distance between the opponents became too close, rendering the Katana (Samurai sword) ineffective. Ju Jitsu is widely recognised as the mother of martial art because many other martial arts developed from it. The roots of Judo, Aikido, Ken Jutsu and even some forms of Karate can all be traced back to Ju Jitsu.

Loosely translated, Ju Jitsu means the 'way of yielding' or the 'gentle art'. The principle of Ju Jitsu is to utilise skill rather than force, and selective application rather than strength. The techniques of Ju Jitsu include joint locks, strangles, throws and strikes. Each set of techniques can be used in conjunction with another formulating an awesome arsenal of self-defence abilities either standing or on the ground.

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