Practical And Effective Self Defence Courses For All  
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The Defensive Edge is a new and exciting company based in London promoting positive self-defence techniques. Our company is very unique and specialises specifically in street self defence courses for all, including anti rape techniques for women.

Through extensive research and experience The Defensive Edge have developed a number of specialist courses tailored for professionals. These courses are aimed at heightening awareness and teaching prevention as well as teaching techniques with which to escape from an attack.

Working in a large city such as London most professionals find it very difficult to make time for their non-essential extra curricular activities. However this same group of individuals are under constant threat of attack. Because of this we feel that The Defensive Edge provides a proactive and essential service to your employees.

The Defensive Edge has the ideal solution for busy professionals, which is to bring their training courses to the workplace therefore ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from our simple but effective self-defence training. If this is not possible, we have a range of suitable venues to hire.

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